Advise law firms

“To accompany law firms and legal market players in all their projects”
Dominic Jensen knows the profession of lawyer for having first exercised for fifteen years. In his second career as a legal editor and author, he observed and analyzed the practice of the profession in all its facets. Back in the bar, this is the experience that Dominic Jensen brings to his clients as part of his consulting business. Because the law firm is not a company like any other, its approach is fully adapted to the realities and constraints of practicing law.

In 2010, Dominic Jensen publishes the first edition of the book ” Law Firm ” Editons Dalloz. This is the first time in France that a book analyzes with such rigor all aspects of the strategy and organization of law firms. In two editions, Law Firm has become an essential reference book. The third edition is scheduled for the end of 2015. Dominic Jensen is also scientific director of the journal Dalloz Avocats, to practice and to undertake .

Growth projects, innovation, interprofessionality, ethics
Lawyers want to develop their law firms. The Macron law, technology, the arrival of LegalTech are all factors that upset the legal market. Dominic Jensen assists lawyers and market players in designing and implementing their projects.

Dominic Jensen has developed a method of work that is both fast and efficient. Clearly defined missions and adapted support work guarantee concrete results over time.

Each mission is tailored to the needs and objectives of the client. A schedule of the conduct of the mission and the modalities of intervention are agreed in advance.

It may happen that the need for outside help is felt without being precisely defined. In this case, Dominic Jensen will accompany the firm to help define its need and guide its strategy to permanently improve the overall operation and performance of the firm.